Are your products Vegan & Cruelty Free? Everything is handmade by us in California unless otherwise specified. All of our products are cruelty free and all vegan except for our humanely sourced bone brushes.

How long does shipping take? Usually 1-2 weeks. We are a small operation. If you need something rushed, contact us below and we will try to accommodate you. We ship worldwide.

What kind of discounts do you offer? We offer professional discounts to performers and makeup artists as well as 20% off to members of the Sabretooth Vampyre Clan because our owner is a member as well. Email us so we can upgrade your customer account for these discounts.

I have a store and want to carry your products wholesale. Register for a wholesale account at the following link: occultcosmetics.faire.com

Who Owns Occult Cosmetics? Jessie Organa is the sole owner of Occult Cosmetics. Our products come from a collaboration between a collective of female and male witches of different magickal and cultural backgrounds. Over the next few months (in our blog), we will feature a number of different Occult Authors, Artists and Makers who wish to impart some of their knowledge onto the world. Hopefully we will all learn something new along the way. In power, sisterhood, and with love.

Message us below if you have any questions!

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